queue를 만들어 쓰다가 동작이 불안하여 검색 결과

directshow에서 제공하는 CQueue class를 알게되었다.

"DirectShowBaseClasseswxutil.h "  에 포함 되어 있다.

사용법은  Streams.h 헤더파일을 포함 식키고 타입 캐스팅 하면 된다.

#include <Streams.h>

CQueue <VInputPacket*> m_queue_video;

// put queue
VInputPacket *pkt = new VInputPacket();

// get queue
VInputPacket *pkt = m_queue_video.GetQueueObject ();

다음은 CQueue 소스


// CQueue


// Implements a simple Queue ADT.  The queue contains a finite number of

// objects, access to which is controlled by a semaphore.  The semaphore

// is created with an initial count (N).  Each time an object is added

// a call to WaitForSingleObject is made on the semaphore's handle.  When

// this function returns a slot has been reserved in the queue for the new

// object.  If no slots are available the function blocks until one becomes

// available.  Each time an object is removed from the queue ReleaseSemaphore

// is called on the semaphore's handle, thus freeing a slot in the queue.

// If no objects are present in the queue the function blocks until an

// object has been added.


template <class T> class CQueue {


HANDLE          hSemPut;        // Semaphore controlling queue "putting"

HANDLE          hSemGet;        // Semaphore controlling queue "getting"

CRITICAL_SECTION CritSect;      // Thread seriallization

int             nMax;           // Max objects allowed in queue

int             iNextPut;       // Array index of next "PutMsg"

int             iNextGet;       // Array index of next "GetMsg"

T              *QueueObjects;   // Array of objects (ptr's to void)

void Initialize(int n) {

iNextPut = iNextGet = 0;

nMax = n;


hSemPut = CreateSemaphore(NULL, n, n, NULL);

hSemGet = CreateSemaphore(NULL, 0, n, NULL);

QueueObjects = new T[n];



CQueue(int n) {



CQueue() {



~CQueue() {

delete [] QueueObjects;





T GetQueueObject() {

int iSlot;

T Object;

LONG lPrevious;

// Wait for someone to put something on our queue, returns straight

// away is there is already an object on the queue.


WaitForSingleObject(hSemGet, INFINITE);


iSlot = iNextGet++ % nMax;

Object = QueueObjects[iSlot];


// Release anyone waiting to put an object onto our queue as there

// is now space available in the queue.


ReleaseSemaphore(hSemPut, 1L, &lPrevious);

return Object;


void PutQueueObject(T Object) {

int iSlot;

LONG lPrevious;

// Wait for someone to get something from our queue, returns straight

// away is there is already an empty slot on the queue.


WaitForSingleObject(hSemPut, INFINITE);


iSlot = iNextPut++ % nMax;

QueueObjects[iSlot] = Object;


// Release anyone waiting to remove an object from our queue as there

// is now an object available to be removed.


ReleaseSemaphore(hSemGet, 1L, &lPrevious);




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