To be able to use the application with your USB connected DSLR you will need an Android device that supports the USB host function and an USB OTG adapter that you can buy cheap on internet or build it yourself.

NOTE: USB support was added in Android 3.0 version first and later back-ported to some of the 2.4 devices but unfortunately not all device maker include it and on some devices you need an external power source.

Beginning with DslrDashboard V0.30.1 only Android 4.0 (ICS) and up devices are supported. You can find previous versions in the Downloads section that work with Android devices prior to 4.0 (ICS).

If you detect an error or the application crash you can report it here at Google Code or send me an email.

In error report include:

  • Your Android device model and version
  • Android logcat (you can use Lumberjack to extract logcat - Lumberjack)
  • Your DSLR camera maker and model

You can find the Application on Google Play: DslrDashboard

Please checkout LRTimelapse and the DslrDashboard LRTimelapse Help Screen

Instant Guide to DslrDashboard by Dmitri Popov:

DslrDashboard Instant GuideAmazonGumroad

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