XBian 0.8

We know you all waited for this! XBian 0.8 is out now!

It contains a LOT of improvements head over to the changelog to see the new features :)
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Please report your bugs and feedback on the forum!

NOTE: Turbo mode is disabled by default, you can enable it in raspi-config:
ssh -> raspi-config -> overclock
Please be aware, this MIGHT cause sd card corruption!



XBian 0.8 – 01/10/2012

  • New raspberry pi firmware

  • Improved analogue audio

  • Included R-win’s 3.2.7 kernel V3, see: http://xbian.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1354 (Great work R-win!)

  • Added colors to the console

  • Fixed ‘Unable to resolve host’ when executing the sudo command

  • Added FIQ patch

  • Added raspi-config (Thanks to CurlyMo!)

  • Added turbo mode (Very experimental! Can cause sd card corruption! Be warned! )

  • Added a parition resizer addon (All credits to R-win for creating this!)

  • New Memcpy/Memset this should make XBMC more fluent in some cases

  • Added usb automount support for exFat formatted devices

  • Fixed some typos in the XBian setting add-on (thanks to Fma965).

  • Added a script which allows you to set MPEG-2/VC-1 license key’s, available in the XBian settings addon.

  • Replaced the XBMC splash screen

  • Added libcec 1.9

  • Improved XBMC menu smoothness

From : http://xbian.org/2012/10/01/xbian-0-8/

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