Remote control (tethering) Linux (x86, arm), Windows software for Pentax DSLR cameras.

pkTriggerCord is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

This program is based on PKRemote for Linux and PKRemote for Windows programs.


After you connect the camera to your PC with the USB cable, you can control the camera from pkTriggerCord. You can read status information, you can change several settings, and you can take pictures. The pictures are stored in the camera's buffer and can be downloaded to the PC. Pictures are not written on the SD card of the camera.

Detailed description can be found here.

Timelapse video creation tutorial can be found here.

Supported cameras

  • Pentax K-x
  • Pentax K10D (Samsung GX-10)
  • Pentax K20D (Samsung GX-20)
  • Pentax istDS Not working
  • Pentax K200D
  • Pentax K-7
  • Pentax K-r
  • Pentax K-5
  • Pentax K-m / K2000
  • Pentax K-30
  • Pentax K-01 bugs
  • Pentax K-5 II / K-5 IIs NEW

Limited support

Limited support available for the following cameras:

  • Pentax istD Not working
  • Pentax istDS2
  • Pentax istDL
  • Pentax K110D Not working
  • Pentax K100D Not working
  • Pentax K100D Super

라지베리 파이에서도 구동이 가능 하다.

For Android

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